Expert Tips For Those Involved In Drag Racing

If you have ever been to a drag racing tournament then you may have wondered where all the vintage looking cars are coming from. Apart from the cars, the sheer risk involved in the race could leave those who are new to the race petrified. However, lovers of the game will be jumping and cheering and what makes the novice hide in fear is actually what makes the lovers of the game shout for joy.

There are many people who are interested in drag racing but lack the necessary information to be able to partake in such races. Some will even go to the extent of having custom built hot rods to use for such races. However, with lack of information, it may be hard to get involved. Here compiled are some useful tips from experts in the field.

Be safe on the racing track

All experts are clear on this one. The only joy of the race is when you go through the different tracks and reach the finish line safe and sound. This means that the car you use should be fit for purpose and you should also use safe driving habits and tactics. While it is a race, the drivers always have to think of safety all through the way. Drivers should be patient enough to check that their cars are in order after each pass.

Get the right tire pressure

Turning a car into a racing car involves a lot of work. You have to get the weight, geometry and controls right. One thing that people get easily confused about is that of the pressure on the tires. Most people are always advising to go for low pressure on the tires. However, the expert says it is important to have enough pressure on the tires to an extent. This is especially true for those intending to get more E.T.

Get a good crew

When most people start racing, they may do it alone or be with one or few friends. However, as they continue to race and this becomes a favorite pastime, it becomes important to get people who will be ready to work with the driver. These people will take care of things like preparing the car and ensuring that entertainment is ready when needed. Most of all the moral support that they give the driver is very important.

Pull the chute when necessary

A car racing at 100mph turning over is every driver’s nightmare but it does happen. The usual advice is to remove the foot from the accelerator while at the same time trying to regain control of the car. This advice is good but another advice that will help ensure the car stays in place and does not turn over is to pull the chute.

Enjoy Leisure And Style Together

Leisure with a bit of style is always welcome. After all it is your spare time. You can make the most of it by whichever way you want to. Taking your family out for the weekend and spending time with them is the best getaway from the monotonous and boring daily routine. Leisure time is surely one to crave. And we make sure we make the most of it when we get it.

It is even more exciting to spend your leisure time close to nature. An outing close to nature is always relaxing and refreshing. The best natural element to spending your time with is undoubtedly water. May it be the lake or the sea? Water has that soothing effect on everyone. And the best part is sailing in the water. And the best option for doing so is a yacht. Of course, not everyone can afford to buy a yacht. However, one can for sure rent one. The best option is to rent yacht online. Weekends are lazy too. And to spoil you even more we give you the facility to sit at home and rent a yacht. All you have to do is to choose the one you like and rent it for your perfect getaway. There are various categories and specifications out of which you can choose the perfect yacht. May it be a family out or a business one; we have a wide variety to choose. There are different regions also where the yacht is available. You just have to enter the location wherever you want the yacht.

A sailing yacht can have the following categories, and you can choose whichever kind of yacht you want from these choices.
• Day Sailing Yachts
• Weekender Yachts
• Cruising Yachts
• Luxury Sailing Yachts
• Racing Yachts

You can choose any yacht out of these from your liking for sailing purposes. A sailing yacht also has various sizes from about 6 meters (20 ft) to well over 30 meters (98 ft). Different kinds of yachts have different designs and different facilities, go here if you want to rent holiday home online. You can also choose from various facilities you want in your yacht according to your requirement and your budget. Specifications you look for in a yacht are good space, good interiors, and nice design. All these should be important criteria for choosing the kind of yacht you want to rent. Space is the most important parameter because people you take along with you should also be comfortable and enjoy the leisure time and that too with a bit of a style. With style also comes a little bit of show off. Take people along and enjoy with your friends and family.

Making Your Very Own Safety Net With Basic Materials

Throughout summer, playing under the sun is the best thing to do. And what better way to do it is to play and have fun while getting some exercise. During this time, you can see a lot of trampoline on sale in many stores. But we know that it can still be very expensive and can still be too much for you, that’s why here is an idea on how you can create your own safety net so that your family could still have some fun this summer. If you are looking for a high quality trampoline product right here the perfect item for you.

There are a lot of cool ideas to buy this summer, just like a trampoline on sale. In this article, you will know a do-it-yourself accessory for trampolines that will save you more money than buying it.

Safety screen for a trampoline

Having a screen around your trampoline can ensure a safer playing ground for your family. Here are the things that you would need:


Nylon net


Spirit level

Wooden stakes that are 12-foot long and a size of 5×2


Measuring tape


Using your measuring tape, measure your trampoline’s edges; this will tell you how much length you would need to buy for your nylon net. Multiply the number by 10 feet for the height of the trampoline so that you could get the total dimension and area for the trampoline screen.

Hammer the wooden stakes to the ground with a depth of 18 inches. Use a spirit level to make sure that is vertical in position. Place your wooden stakes as close as possible to your trampoline, but don’t let it have any contact.

On the first stake, use a 3 feet long string to wrap your stake. Run it through the net’s edge and secure it with a knot. Repeat this process for your middle and bottom stakes.

Stretch your net on the first stake and tie it with a rope to secure its positioning.

Repeat the process for every post and tie everything in its position. On your last stake, you just have to secure the net both at the top and middle stakes so that the jumper could go inside the trampoline at the bottom.

Tips for your trampoline net

Add about 10% of the total number for the length of your nylon net. This will be for the wastage and errors that you might commit while cutting your net. This helpful site helps you to find a net for a trampoline this is the perfect place with a wide range of size options that can suit your specific needs.

On your wooden stakes, make sure that you cover it with pads and soft cushions to prevent any injuries when bounced off to the posts.

Make sure that you secure your net to the stakes as tight as possible; this is to ensure that the net won’t get ripped off when someone bounced to it.

The Best Night Of Your Life, Before The Best Day Of Your Life

Life’s Defining Moments

There are some moments in life which define who you really are. Your first day in school, you first kiss, your graduation day, all that leads to maybe the most important day in your life – your wedding day. There simply isn’t anything more important than finding that special one, that person who completers you, and make you feel like you can be yourself when you are in her company. Meting the love of your life at the altar, in front of all your friends and family has to be the moment that defines you to the essence. The person you chose to spend the rest of your life speaks volumes about who you are, and what kind of life you wish to lead.

The Proper Way of Saying Goodbye

But marriage is also a bridge to a new life, with new obligations, new habits, and a completely new lifestyle. Of course, you will still be yourself, but some of the thing you did before you got married may become impossible for you, now that you have a ring on your finger. One of those things which have to be limited to the minimum is the occasional epic night out with the guys. No one is claiming that you will never go out with your friends again, but a lot of the thing you used to do on you legendary party nights are going to be a huge no-no now. This is why a bucks party is so crucial for every man to have, as it provides the man with the farewell party he deserves, and which he will always remember. This has to be the best night that you and your friends have shared, as thing will change come the wedding day. A bucks party is such an important event, that the entire organization is so precise, and the organizing committee will make sure that the activities you do on your special night may even steal the spotlights from your wedding party! You should go right here for further details about bucks party in Melbourne.

A Privilege and a Pleasure

After all, we have all organized a bachelor party for some of our friends, and it is only a matter of time before we make the important step and make the woman we love officially ours. Now that our wedding day is getting closer, we are privileged to have friends who will do for us, what we did for them, and throw us the best party of our lives. Just a piece of advice, make sure that you give yourself at least a couple of days to recover before the wedding.